Buying a hardware store was a huge transition for our family. Richard had never ventured out into owning his own business, and here we were new business owners of an old historic hardware store! Wow!!!

We went through many transitions as a family, getting used to being local business owners, and also taking full responsibility of the staff who currently worked there. Our store and staff has transitioned-Lots of changes have occurred over the last few years. Customers can now easily find items they need, we made constant updates to our store layout,  &  foot traffic has increased in our store. We are no longer a store of just “bolts, nuts, and keys.

Honestly, we all face transitions in our lives. The hardware business is not unique in that aspect. But, I think our hardware store transitions are constant. I suspect they will continue to be the norm for us as we journey towards a better shopping experience for our local community.

Change is harder for some than others. As a business owner we see which employees quickly adjust to transitions, and we see those who are slower meeting the transitions, in hardware terms “under construction” . The point as an hardware store owner- adjustment made or not?  Those who struggle with transitions may need some guidance on how to meet the new change.

As a mom, I may need some assistance myself, just being truthful! At home, we are again experiencing transitions as a family- our son has completed drivers education class! We will soon have another driver in our family. That is a hard one folks…  I am wishing time would slow down a bit.

The reality of transitions, is that sometimes they happen whether you wish it them too or not. Change is constant. How we decide to meet the challenge or be defeated by the change can influence your outlook.

I have decided to rise to meet these transitions in life. Being thehardwarelifewife a great learning experience for me each day. I am still “under construction” – and a work in progress and I’m ok with that.

Thanks for reading along and enjoy life with all its transitions- under construction or not!

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