Full Circle Moment

I was standing in my kitchen Thursday morning before leaving to go to the hardware store, listening to Hoda and Jenna in the background on the television.

Hoda began to discuss a feature she had recently saw on Warren Buffett. He had revealed a bit of life advice.

The life advice conversation Hoda was retelling focused on the people in your inner circle, those who you could call upon in times of crisis or need. Buffett had spoken about a dear friend who survived Auschwitz. Every time they would meet someone new, they make a mental note, “would they have hid me”?

Wow… those type of friends or family are the people you need in your inner circle of life. Definitely those who you can count on in times of laughter and crisis….Right???

It was always an an “Aha moment”, when my middle students realized that Anne Frank and Martin Luther King Jr were born in the same year, 1929.

I retired from teaching in 2019 in order to spend more time with my son, grow as a business owner, and to help care for my grandparents

This interview piece brought several things to the forefront of my mind. I recalled that, Holocaust Remembrance Day was earlier this past week.

One of things we discussed in class was how different their experiences were, but the history of the times bonded them together, they were in the “same life boat of history “.

Amsterdam at Night

As I heard the interview from my kitchen, it all came to me…my grandparents were born in 1928. This was not a revolutionary insight, but more of a full circle moment for me.

I have lost two people from my inner circle that loved me dearly. The events from the interview and real life combined into my daily existence…

My grandparents would have been there for me if I needed them.

My inner circle may have grown smaller, but those who are inside that circle, are there because they would do anything they could for me or my family.

Grief is hard…

AND Life is short y’all. Find & keep those who are in your inner circle, those who would have “hid” you.

My grandparents witnessed a tremendous amount of history in their lifetime. Just like Anne Frank & MLK, they “arrived in different ships” but they ended up in the same “historical boat”.

Is your “boat” full ??? Who’s in your inner circle of care??? Do you have room for more on board???

February brings me full circle in 2021. This time last year, my grandmother took a huge downturn in health. I spent many hours at my grandparents house and a few hours in between at the hardware store.

With both of my grandparents now gone, I have more time to focus work, another huge part of my life journey, Another chapter…

Perspective. Chapters do come to an end, & things change. Sometimes life is hard. As another chapter begins to unfold, another one concludes.

I realize that these chapters should not dictate my life story, and I know they are an important part of my story.

So I’m ready this February to greet the circle of change, coming full circle.

10 thoughts on “Full Circle Moment”

  1. Beautifully written!! Loved it immensely!! I so enjoyed reading your insight/thoughts!! Your grandparents were —what my dad would have called — ‘good people’ , and it’s evident in you sweet friend!! They truly live on through you and yours!!! And…..I’d definitely have hidden you —and still would— anytime/anywhere!!!

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  2. Thanks so much for sharing. You have put into words many feelings I too have experienced moving from one chapter of life to another. Wishing you the best.

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  3. Wow! That is beautiful! You are an excellent writer! Makes me think about my parents and grandparents. We lost Papaw Spencer September 19,1964. Heart Attack only 61 years old. He had a huge garden in High Point. Great memories from being in the garden!!!
    My sister Kathy was born the day after I
    Turned 12. She is the same age as Kim and Katie! I was old enough to see my parents be parents. I miss my parents so much yet I had them until I was 67 years old! When they became grandparents I thought are these the same parents that raised us! Mom said she could do anything! She only went to Wally World once a day. My Dad was great too! They never thought they would be grandparents. I was blessed to have wonderful parents and grandparents. I had only one grandfather since Dad’s Dad died March 15, 1929. He was 23. I loved you blog. Beautiful writing!

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