Our WHY…

5 years ago we just started… Richard and I launched ourselves into hardware store ownership.

Summer of 2015…

This new venture into business ownership was uncertain, scary, and exciting all wrapped up into the same 5 gallon bucket of emotions.

Richard was excited about beginning a new career path. One of the nice perks of this new business adventure, he would be home every night… ultimately more family time 😊.

The last 5 years has been a roller coaster of change. I’m so glad y’all have been a great big part of our journey. Thank you for your support!!!

I’ve been trying to reflect back on our WHY? In other words, WHY DO WE DO WHAT WE DO at Wilkes County Hardware???

The answer is simply YOU!!! Our customers are our driving force. We are so blessed to have formed many new friendships and made connections with our customers to help meet their needs. We always look forward to your visits into Wilkes County Hardware. Y’all have become our hardware family 💕.

The WCH shopping experience is unique in comparison to other hardware stores. We do our best to give one-on-one service to our customers so y’all can get what is needed in a timely fashion. We offer tips or advice on how to use products, or we can direct customers to another local business if the item is not available in our store, giving a solution to our customers.

Thank you for being our WHY this Wednesday 😉and everyday.


We have been married now for more than 20 plus years… our journey has taken us down various paths along the way. A path of change we continue to make together 😊.

Who would have thought that we would be owners of a vintage, & historic hardware store! Those who knew us as young folks knew my husband’s path was destined to take him towards becoming a PGA golf professional. But it was not the path he desired in the long run.

Fast forward into 2018, we are happy being business owners navigating the process of learning the hardware business. It takes both of us working together as a team to make it happen! Owning a business is hard work. And I will be honest, it takes the whole of our family in order to keep it going. We get to celebrate together our successes, and reflect on our failures.

Our “other ” Anniversary will be approaching in September. This is the month we officially purchased WCH. Many things have changed within the walls of Wilkes County Hardware. We have added lots of new merchandise, fixtures, staff, etc… the list could continue on…. but our goal remains to be consistently helpful to our customers as they shop with us after all, we are an”old school hardware store”.

Happy Anniversary, sweetheart!