Summer Bucket List

Small town life is charming to some people, but maybe a little dull to others because they feel like they are missing out on something.

We truly live in a great community and the positives are many. We have many great places places to visit within our county boundaries. This Summer “Bucket List” is good whether you are vacationing this summer or just simply doing a “staycation”. Many items on the list are plain family fun things to do. I hope you enjoy the list😎. Have a great summer!!!

Summer Bucket List: Written from a business owner perspective…

1. Eat local- check out lunch at a food truck or enjoy a locally owned restaurant

2. Check out Concerts in the Commons, Wilkesboro

3. Just grill… enjoy food with your family – want to switch up your grill? Check out Traeger at Wilkes County Hardware

4. Go to an Outdoor movie- πŸŽ₯ in North Wilkesboro coming soon

5. Stroll and shop in Downtown North Wilkesboro – start shopping at Wilkes County Hardware, then walk around 10th Street and up to Main Street- you avoid the hills around town… πŸ‘πŸ»

6. Do a family game night- board games & card games are great for the whole family πŸ€ͺ

7. S’mores & Fire πŸ”₯ Pit time!!

8. Make homemade ice cream!!

9. Check out the splash pad in Wilkesboro

10. Stroll on 10th Street & other Downtown streets for the Art Walk in July!

11. Play flashlight πŸ”¦ tag

12. Ride in your car 🚘 with the windows down and enjoy your music 🎢 playing

13. Go to Glen’s to get a chocolate dip cone- it is a classic treat

14. Enjoy a nice afternoon at Wilkes Heritage Museum to learn more about the history of our community

15. Catch fireflies after dark or just stargaze

16. Spend the day at Stone Mountain

17. Visit the Farmers Market on Saturday morning

18. Visit one of our local vineyards, we have some beautiful & scenic places here in Wilkes

19. Don’t miss the Annual July 4th fireworks πŸ’₯, find a spot downtown to sit and watch the fireworks show with family & friends

20. Draw with sidewalk chalk and just have funπŸ˜„

21. Go fishing 🎣 -Kerr Scott lake views are priceless

22. Walk or Bike 🚲 the Greenway

23. For peace, relaxation & serenity- find the Labyrinth at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

24. Hold an outdoor game night for friends & family


25. Enjoy the summer breeze when it comes & the mountain views- everyone else doesn’t have the same opportunities

Happy Summer! Create your own “bucket list” or DIY list for summer. We hope to see you soon fulfilling all of your summer wishes.

Sounds of Summer

August is already here on the calendar πŸ“† and time is flying by so quickly it seems. Where has the lazy days of summer gone? Ahhhh… the sounds of summer are always fresh in my mind.

I can hear the constant sounds of nature outside in my backyard- birds chirping, crickets, lawnmowers going in the neighborhood, children playing in yards. I can hear the sound of the river flowing as I walk on the greenway. Fellow walkers wishing us well as we pass by them bidding us a good day.

The sounds of the barista busy working on the next order of coffee, the laughter of the “coffee crew” who gather every morning to start the day with friends and a hit of caffeine motivation…

Then off to the hardware store to hear the key machine working to make yet another key for a customer. The sound of the cash register opening and closing, heavy footsteps on the stairs, the freight elevator cranks up-belts in movement… the quiet sounds of the ceiling fan… tools busy at work, money clanking in the snack jar… then I hear “thank you for coming by today” 😊… yes, it makes my heart sing !!!